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Whole Onion Soup

When Spring arrives, gifts of vegetables from my neighbours arrive too.

I go to buy some juice from the village shop, and come back with my juice and a bag of peas that the owner has grown in his garden. If I go out, I come back home to find a pile of vegetables left on the doorstep, still covered in dirt.

Yesterday I was given big bags of onions by two different people. Onions are essential to most of my cooking, but I wondered how we were going to get through so many, and started thinking about recipes.. So I decided to make a whole onion soup.

It’s very easy, but the soft, sweet onions are really delicious!


  • 6 onions (preferably new, fresh ones!)
  • 40g bacon
  • 400cc vegetable stock
  • 100cc white wine
  • black pepper
  • salt



1. Slice the tops and bottoms of the onions, and cut a cross in the base so they can soak up the juices better.

2. Arrange the onions on a dish, sprinkle with black pepper and then heat in a 600w microwave for 5 mins.

3. Put the vegetable stock, white wine, salt and black pepper in a pan and heat, then add the onions (with all the juice) one by one, being careful to keep them upright.

4. Cook on a low heat for 15 minutes, and that’s it –  your onion soup is done!


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